An Open Letter to Tom Greens Fans: Thank You For Your Well Thought Out Critiques

So, A while ago I wrote an open letter to one Tom Green, in order to inspire him. (see “Open Letter To Tom Green: Please Stop Sucking“) Well, today Tom retorted via his blog. His fans are now offering me some constructive crtiticism. I in tern am thanking them.

This was the first one i recieved. I will thank her later for inspiring this post.

Name: Amanda Reinhard
Email Address:


I am sorry (or maybe not) that I do not know who you are. I am writting to tell you, YOU SUCK. Do you not realize this is America? People are entitled to have Blogs and share their opinions. Freedom of Speech, heard of it? Tom Green is AWESOME. Martin Short went over the line with his comments on Tom’s cancer. What he said was RUDE at best. Tom shared his cancer special to help others at his own expense. How dare you compare the two. You are entitled to your own opinion of course. I accidentally stumbled across this NONSENSE while doing a search for Tom Green. I am never again going to return to this SICKENING and NEGATIVE pile of ROT that you call a site. You are very misguided and if any of you had spent anytime reading Tom’s Blogs you would know what a decent and caring person he is. Which is more than I can say for this negative excuse for a website. At least Tom is kind and cares about peoples feelings. YOU SUCK.

Ed Adkins
to mandi0902

So, you just do random searches for “Tom Green” and “Sucking?”

That’s good. See, now that’s precisely the kind of humor we’re looking for- Sophomoric, yes. But creative!

I like your style, kid. Keep it up and you’ll go somewhere.

This one was too easy. I didn’t even have to work at it.

Name: KJ
Email Address:


Wow. Let’s just say there are thousands of people who disagree with you. I think Tom’s blog is the best out there. Bar none.

Let’s also say that it’s a little disappointing that there are people like you who think that spouting off without any tact counts as worthwhile.

Ed Adkins
to tsherry7

SO you’re a big fan of Tom Green.

And tact?

Makes sense. I’ll take your comment to thought.

Bar none, this one is my favorite. Incidentally, mike simmons is the name of a college roomate and one of my best friends. I took great pleasure in this one.

mike simmons
to me

More options 2:15 pm (10 minutes ago)
Hello ed adkins, my name is Mike. let me give you some advice on making fun
of real celeberties and people more famous than you. its not realy advice.
wait… famous people make fun of me, i don’t make of them. what was i
gonna say? hhhmmmm. tom green has more money than you. does that bother you?
maybe you should kill yourself. you should just plug your crappy home
computer into the wall and drop it in the bath tub with yourself. you are
nobody, and tom green has made fun of you on his big important web-site.
nobody likes you. you should die now.

Ed Adkins
to mike

Wait a second here… so I should commit suicide because no one likes me?

I can only assume that this is not really mike simmons, but his next of kin. In that case, I understand your frustration and I share the pain of your loss. Mike was an incredibly kind and thoughtful individual. He brought much happiness into the lives of all he touched. It is unfortunate that he had such a negative view of his life’s worth. We will all miss him.

Love, Ed.

More fun to come, I’m sure.

  1. Pete Says:

    Come on. Tom Green wants to suck, let him suck. I mean, can we really expect anything good from him after Freddy Got Fingered? I know suck. I’m an expert on suck because I do indeed suck, and that my friends is suck to the highest degree.

    I love internet drama.

  2. brando Says:

    who’s tom green? i mean, that’s cool that he’s got like 7 fans. he seems like a swell guy. you should stop making fun of special needs people, ed.

    remember that time you made fun of the missing hiker who wound up dead? at least he won’t be bothering you.

    my advice is next time make fun of someone famous who can generate more blog traffic.

  3. uuuu Says:

    Hi im ed and im a dumbass. I hate tom and so im going to be a baby typo retard.
    No ya ed you suck you ass. Your blog sucks and your name is dumb. Your site is full of filth and sick rotten crap. Toms 1000000000000 times the man youll so go take your shit site and and stick it up your fat retarded ass. Ya you heard me Bitch……

  4. brando Says:


  5. ed adkins Says:

    im drunk so that guy saying he was me looks funny. touche indeed.

    total touche.

  6. ED Says:

    Hey yo ed. Ya touche you shut the fuck up you anal bastard!!!!!!!!!!!! Toms 100000000000000000000000000000 more man than you’ll ever be. Remember ed that you are the one who started this whole thing. Im sick of people like you bashin tom. He’s a really nice guy. Im not sorry for being such a fuckin ass to you but you did talk about tom in a really ugly light. I would like to see an apology to tom from you on here than maybe ill apolgize to you. Nice talkin to you ed. Get to know tom and you’ll he’s a really cool guy. He’s somebody I look up too alot.

  7. sledge Says:

    I think my IQ just dropped 50 points from reading those emails.


  8. taraus Says:

    its reaaly a good post

  9. Paul Wall Says:

    Ed Adkins is a God! Tom Green stole all of his material from Ed Adkins! Tom Green grew a goatie to look like Ed. ‘The Ed Adkins Show’ is the funniest thing to ever appear on MTV. Fuck Ya’ll haters, Ed’s the People’s Champ!

  10. Spelled Melk Says:

    Eddie Got Fingered

    I wish that a big Hollywood celebrity would take note of my blog. Ed Adkins, one of the first bloggers whose material I began reading on a regular basis, was recently cited on Tom Green’s blog. Apparently, Ed posted…

  11. CitrusFreak12 Says:

    Hey Ed, I’m glad to see you’re standing your ground on this one, although its not really too hard when the collective IQ of these people seem to be equivalent to that of a pair of rusty salad tongs.
    Good job, great blog, witty retorts, etc etc.

    Keep up the great work, Ed.

    – Andrew