The 4 Types of Ignorant Comments about the Duck Dynasty Controversy

…And My Ignorant Responses

I didn’t want to get caught up in this. American media spends 99% of its time debating crap just to keep people entertained or angry enough to keep tuning in, but here I am doing it anyway because this time I saw something important. When I caught wind of the hoopla around the guy from Duck Dynasty spouting off ignorant crap in GQ and the subsequent backlash, I tried to stay away- I did.

But then I broke the rules. I read the articles, and THEN I read the comments too. …Gulp.

So many angry white people are complaining about one of their own being held accountable for his ignorant words.

I’m lucky. The folks I hang around with don’t watch Fox News or listen to Rush Limbaugh, so they’re not aren’t quite as surprised about how the fucking world works as the average newspaper commenter. After reading about 20 of the most ignorant things I could handle I had to crap this out.

So, here’s my response to the top 4 stupid reactions to the Duck Dynasty story, because I had to. If I didn’t, this would well up inside and some real-life slob would get slammed with this and I’d probably end up being stomped on by a circle of rednecks in the parking lot of a bar.


As many have pointed out, freedom of speech is not freedom from people calling you out for being a racist homophobe or freedom to continue getting paid for being on the TEE VEE. If the cops bust his door down and actually violate his 1st amendment rights let me know and I’ll help you raise a fuss.


If I told you that your use of the term “Politically Correct” is the result of conservative think-tanks in the 90’s who planted it into our cultural dialogue in the attempt to make you, the majority, afraid of women, the LGBT community and minorities so that you wouldn’t protect their rights, my guess is you’d ask me what a think-tank is. Next time you want to use that phrase take “PC” and replace it with “respectful” and see what you’re really saying.


Correct. And this may come as an overwhelming shock, so please sit down. Not everyone cares for or agrees with or even wants to hear the opinions of rich, straight, white males anymore. In a few glorious spots in the country, white males are walking into rooms, starting to spout their opinions and immediately being told to shut the fuck up. It’s amazing. It’s almost as if people are realizing that we have no ability to relate to the experiences of ANYONE BUT white males. Personally, I’ve been enjoying shutting up once in a while and getting educated- you should try it.


I’m sure that you would be much more comfortable if he hadn’t said this and all the dirty homo talk could just go away so you could continue your conversation about Benghazi, but this is an important discussion. Looking the other way would allow everyone to continue thinking heterosexuality is normal & good while everything else is deviant & bad, everyone’s straight unless they speak up, and no one would get any wiser on the subject. We have thankfully gotten to a point where the discussion IS happening and MAYBE a few folks will discover how harmful and ignorant the kind of speech the DD guy used was.

What do I think of the guy who started this whole thing? I remain blissfully unaware of him and his kinfolk, just as I still don’t exactly know what a Kardashian is and always thought the names of the Jersey Shore cast were Disney characters because I download everything I watch and most of it’s sci-fi anyway.

Glad I got that all out. Whether you agree with me or want to stomp me in front of a bar please do so in the comments instead.

  1. lou lou Says:

    I think your comments are about as stupid as everyone elses. There are just as many people of different races spouting crap..not just rich white guys. Everyone just needs to put on their big girl paanties and get over it.Thank you.

  2. Ed Adkins Says:

    Wait WHAT?!?! There’s JUST AS MANY PEOPLE OF OTHER RACES also saying stupid crap???

    You got me. Every point I made is moot. I’m mortified. Just… Just act as if it went over your head, ok?

  3. lou lou Says:

    You know Ed…it didn’t go over my made very good points..and then blow them all out of the making your own stupid..racist comments..just sayin.

  4. lou lou Says:

    If you..or anyone else is going to make derogatory remarks about anyone ..their race ,creed ect. What makes you any different than Mr. DD? And he was actually stating his belief…the Holy Bible says it is an abomination to the Lord..for same sex relations. SO..he was just stating what his religious beliefs are. And..what many christians believe to be true.

  5. lou lou Says:

    He was not threatening anyone’s didnt like what i had to say..and i didnt like some of what you had to say..and thats cool. I have heard alot worse than what Mr.Duck had to say..from alot of different races..

  6. erroneousjuan Says:

    well said, Ed. the duck dynasty creep’s homophobic comments were pretty offensive all by themselves, but his asinine statements about black people were textbook white privilege. the number of ignorant people coming out in his defense is astonishing