No Pants Star Wars Day: When Holidays Collide

Strip Down & Throw On Your Boba Fett Helmet


Earlier this week it occurred to me: Friday, May 4th is the date of two separate, yet equally important days of holy observance: No Pants Day AND Star Wars Day! How did this slip under the radar!

No Pants Day

(Wikipedia Article) For the uninitiated, No Pants Day is held the first Friday in May, when observers attempt to go without pants for as much as the day as they can, in public. The idea isn’t to just wear shorts or skirts in lieu of your chinos- you’re supposed to dress as if you planned on wearing pants, and then just didn’t.

About 3 years ago we hosted a no pants party on NPD and it was effing hilarious. People had so much fun we ended up swarming a local bar, still not wearing any pants. What a hoot. There’s something freeing about it- perhaps it’s the breeze.

Star Wars Day

(Wikipedia Article) May 4th happens to be Star Wars day, so that nerds everywhere can spend the day telling everyone “May the Fourth be with you!” Go ahead. Give it a try. I’ll wait.

Anywhoooo, it’s a great excuse to pull all your star wars crap out of your Halloween bin & have some fun

How We Plan To Celebrate

So this evening, we will be hosting a screening some of Georgie Lucas’ finest, sitting around in our skivvy’s. If you think it sounds like a good idea, you should too.

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